Unique Wood Slabs

A company based in Costa Rica specialized in wholesale in commercial quantities for export.

We are an industry that buys the finest exotic woods in the world directly from qualified producers of the country.


  • Extraction of the trees.
  • Trees are milled in 2” and 3” crosscut and slabs.
  • Each slab, crosscut, root get a unique ID.
  • All pieces get air-dried for 3 months.
  • All pieces get kiln-dried for 3 months.
  • Once slabs have been ordered and deposit in place, we begin the epoxing and sanding.
  • Slabs get palletized and ready to be shipped.

Why Costa Rica?

In Costa Rica we found species from Central and South America, which gives us an extended variety of wood from one place.
We can make the most of the owner´s and worker´s knowledge: not only do we guarantee the dimensional integrity of the wood, but we ensure an ecological process that allows a healthy ecological development.

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Wood species

Take a look on the technical data on the differents types of wood we deal.

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